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Yes the big O has gone back to his roots.  Finally it seems that Otis Gibson [Durham Legend] will become head coach for the West Indies Cricket Board.  So good luck Otis – will miss you.



  1. Why would any decent coach want to go there. You would spend half the time mediating between political disputes. The only future for WI is to be represented by its strongest countries T&T, Jamaica or Guyana. I cant see how Otis will succeed where numerous members of the great WI teams havent. Most of the young batsmen coming through would only be interested in limited overs cricket and making money.

  2. Otis is from Barbados, and the chance to coach your own national [+] side, would be enough of a draw I reckon.

    He thinks he can cope I’m sure and we will see what happens. Cricket is in flux especially in places like WI, if there is big money to be made on the back of success it may change the politics. For most Countries other than Guyana the short form money is the only thing that will attract young talent away from football and basketball. But they wont all be able to play in the strongly contested Twenty20 sides. He is a good enough coach to work with whatever comes his way.

    Who knows where Test cricket will be in a few years time?

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