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Bret Lee; my favourite of the really fast bowlers.

If he makes a return to cricket, his test cricketing days are over.   It’s not really a surprise that he is bowing out of the longer form,  at 33 and with a history of injuries, one of which he has yet to overcome,  it’s very sad but also probably a good idea.  On the upside he was bowing at 95 mph during the pictured match, and took 5 for 49 in 9 overs.   So if his elbow comes good, it will still be a thrill to see him play.  Let’s hope his elbow does the right thing!



  1. “Bret Lee; my favourite of the really fast bowlers”….incomplete sentence right? Allow me….”Bret Lee; my favourite of the really fast bowlers, but only because I haven’t seen Stani bowl yet”. Ahhh, that’s better.

  2. Hahahahahahaha – Oh I see. You bowl fast then do you Stani? I look forward to this vision of excellence.

  3. ….you won’t be able to see it….of course….just try to capture the sonic boom.

    Actually, I’ll bowl spin…I can do it, I have Pakistani DNA, and years of back-garden experience. It’s tough work bowling fast, seriously. By ball 5/6, I’m usually dying.

    You really gotta try it to appreciate the likes of Akhtar, Lee and Steyn. Actually, Steyn doesn’t count because he’s on something….look at his eyes, crazy, nuts.

  4. Somehow I thought you were more a spin bowler Stani – you may have mentioned it elsewhere.

    Believe me if anyone is going to appreciate the likes of Akhtar, Lee and Steyn it will be me!

    I thought being nuts was part and parcel – that is why Lee is a bit of an odd one out!

  5. …fancy them do you 😉

  6. Test cricket is losing its best fast bowlers, Flintoff, Bond, Lee, erm Tait. The new ones all seem to be medium pacers. With the flat pitches, big bats and more matches looks like they have succeeded in killing off fast bowling.

  7. 33ish seems to be a par age for pace bowlers to give up the International scene, if they have not been dropped already. So Bret 33, Shoaib 34, and Bond nearly 35 are not surprising retirees. Tait is somewhat different – but he has never cut a fit figure. Flintoff 32 like Jones 31, was often injured. Harmison 31 has always bucked the trend but failed to remain fast and accurate at international level.

    Genuine fast bowlers are rare. Given that they go through periods of poor form and also longer periods of injury there are never going to be loads around at any one time. They also lose pace and slow down eg Ntini 32. Will be interesting to see what happens to the likes of Jerome Taylor, Morne Morkle, Sharma, Johnson and Steyn.

    The faster bowlers are the most obvious casualties of the volume of cricket played by top internationals. Squads are now starting to look quite different for test and limited overs. But if the most money to be made is restricted to T20, Tests will lose out if the bowlers keep their form as they age or can bat a bit. The basman friendly pitches just bring forward the test retirement date. So class fast bowlers playing tests as long as Mcgrath did not very likely in the future.

  8. Fancy Stani? I’ve always got a soft spot for Binga, he is rather fab – Although I’m not a fan of the Aussie whine. Shoaib despite being a one time Durham player has always exhibited the worst of Bollywood. Steyn – well I’m just in denial [D’Nile is a river in Africa – obligatory pun included – tick] but that recent picture of him with the big dog…I might be wavering… completely bonkers but but likes animals..always a winner.

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