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When I went to the Windies v England Twenty20 at the Queens Park Oval in 2009 it was a sell out – it sold out far in advance.

Not all touring sides are equal and a very poor turnout watched the  West Indies international  Twenty20 v Zimbabwe.  The Windies lost, Otis has got his work cut out.

And Twenty20 is no guaranteed cash cow.



  1. US$45 to watch 3 hours of that crap? That could buy a lot of beer instead

  2. Lalit Modi may use the first pic as a ‘before’ and the second one as an ‘after’ for proof of his effect on t20 🙂

  3. Branded beer is relatively expensive in Trinidad but you could still have a very good time with your mates watching on tv. You can also buy a shed load of local rum for $45, enough for several alcoholic poisoning incidents in uninitiated hands!

    People will pay up if they think its worth it, and when England were in town they did and there was a strong chance the Windies were going to pull off a win – and they did. But I can’t remember the tickets being as expensive as $45 even then! Presumably they thought the Trinny Possy would turn out for Rampaul, Bravo Pollard and Ramdin – not sure how much of a crowd incentive Gayle would be in Trinidad. At that rather stupid price they got it badly wrong. Let’s hope they get real in future? $45 is a hell of lot of money to most locals to be spending on a match.

    It’s all about getting the price right – so many grounds don’t for internationals. Lord’s has made the Bangladesh series cheaper than the Pakistan one – we will find out if they have set the prices right later on this year – Lord’s is one of the more expensive English venues.

    Stani – yes, Modi would jump on any self promoting band wagon!

  4. Actually the WICB has brought in an inverse pricing policy. The worse the opposition, the more they charge for tickets. It doesnt make sense, but neither does Gayle opening the innings.

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