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Live cricket coverage is to return to the UK for the first time since 2005.  It’s only ITV and it’s only the IPL, but it is a start.  English cricket has plenty of potential niche audiences out there and presumably ITV can see a good inroad to the British Asian community with the IPL, while the BBC keeps with the more slender multicultural appeal of such gems as Formula 1 and snooker.  It is a shame the Ashes red herring has been allowed to keep cricket off free to air for so long.



  1. 668, this is great…but I hate the IPL. I did a deal with my tv screen that Lalit Modi will never appear on it. I can’t renege on that can I?

  2. I never did that deal with my TV as I never thought I would need to. I’m hoping for better things – but it could be a total pandora’s box.

    For me the whole Bollywood n cheerleader thing is really difficult. The no Pakistani cricketer thing makes it even more distasteful.

    But I have not seen an IPL match so far. I did decide I would support the Kolkata team before the first series kicked off. So I am going to grit my teeth and see how many minutes I can stand [on non test and county season match days] That’s my plan anyway…..

    Do you have Sky Stani? I’m guessing it is easier for Sky subscribers to avoid the IPL – test match coverage keeps them happy and the English season will soon be here.

  3. Murdoch gets nothing from me. JUSTICE FOR THE 96!!

  4. Oh for the record I am a Sky refusnik.

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