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Vegetation commentary gem – “Grass grows by process of osmosis”.

From yesterday’s Deccan Chargers v Kings XI Punjab clash at Cuttack.  I know it’s often refed to as the hallowed turf, but I always thought the grass itself was pretty bog standard.  Stick to the cricket, and mentioning the sponsors as many times as possible, eh lads.

Gotta love the IPL commentary.


  1. That was Dujon – the same day he said of a shot by Pathan “He couldn’t have middled that any middleder”. Love him

  2. Fantastic! I wondered if it was him when I saw your post. Have to say that I’m not watching the IPL with even 50% of proper attention – a kind of more easy it is to digest the less attention you pay to it. And there is so much of it, and now the test is on…

    Should start making more of an effort!

  3. pah i thought it was one of those ancient hillside drawings, no its a closeup of grass

  4. Cricket Grass – You didn’t really expect anything else did you Ben!

  5. i was looking at the markings and thinking i hadnt seen that one before, wonder what mystical symbols the ancient culture had constructed, how remarkable, then i notice the grass is a bit bigger than i expected

  6. That’s a good point – a lot of the bowling marks on the Worcester field looked like runes. Don’t know what the lads get up to down there, but they certainly paint the most interesting squiggles on the outfield.

    Project for this year to see if there are better ones around. And also to find out if the smiley belongs to Onions!

  7. you mean they might be cryptic symbols intended to be seen from space? maybe their team is crap because they keep getting abducted and getting probed.

  8. Perhaps it explains why Kabir acted the way he did. We will see if that sort of thing is tolerated at Hampshire this season

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