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When was the last time your saw street cricket in England?  In London they don’t even play it in the parks much – they play softball.

Caged urban grunge cricket, easier to take than Bollywood and American cheerleaders.



  1. I was going to say this elsewhere, but I’ll say it here. If a kid walks around the city streets in whites, he is just asking for it. Its never had the widespread grassroots popularity that it has in Aus. It had a lot of interest after the first Ashes win but taking it off free tv was either a great money move or complete grassroots disaster.

  2. I have never ever seen a child in whites in london. I cant even remember seeing a child in a cricketing shirt outside of a cricket ground.

    I travel by bus most of the time, I have seen 2 blokes lugging cricketing gear. that’s it! One of those was about 15.

    For the well off kids with doting parents [and that is a plural there] with time to spend ferrying their precious children around and money for Sky – that is the young cricketers of tomorrow if you are lucky. If the parents don’t have sky the kids probably are footie mad or play computer games. It’s not that cricket isn’t cool – it just does not exist in urban areas. I will be really interested to see the after effects [if any] of the IPL. I shall be scanning the parks anyway…

    Test cricket is one thing – but that there is no shorter forms of domestic cricket on any free to air is an absolute disgrace. The ECB should be shot!

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