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Keith Bradshaw says his bit on his fears for the future of test cricket.  Does this mean that the MCC is going to go all out to lobby for the future of Test and first class cricket in a meaningful and effective way?  Or is he just positioning the MCC prior to the pink ball tests as a being a major player within the sport for media and marketing purposes only.

A spot of  assertive lobbying for the Championship and first class cricket in England to the ECB might be useful too?  Should one hold one’s breath?  Only if they see it as a useful stepping stone to world re-domination.  Suspect that could be a no then.  Especially as they seem to be spearheading current thinking to play early season Championship cricket outside of Britain.

*IUCN Red List conservation status: a vulnerable species is a species which is likely to become endangered unless the circumstances threatening its survival and reproduction improve.



  1. Do cricket fans really prefer watching T20? Long term are people really going to see improvised shoveling and huge hitting as the epitome of the sport. Its a bit of an adrenaline rush, but do they remember these games a week later?

    I cant see 2 forms of the sport co-existing, like we have now. T20 is too specialised and they are trying to bring in club leagues, which will mean players will eventually be only available for one form. The fast bowlers will go to T20 because they can play year round without getting stress injuries. Test cricket will be the playground of medium pace trundlers and batsmen who cant hit big enough to clear the boundary. Well, thats how it seems at the moment.

  2. T20 is a great way for new people to get into the sport. People have been watching the IPL on TV and not all of them will have been test fans.

    I think really canny medium pacers have a place in T20, but they are rather rare.

    It is hard to see how both forms are going to exist with the dross that is employed to run the sport in the various countries. It would take some really inspired people to make sure both forms survive as viable and exciting games with their integrity intact.

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