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I suspend Mitch watch for a moment to turn my attention to my own team playing with the pink balls in the desert and what does Mitch go and do?  He goes and bags a 10 wicket hall against New Zealand.

10 for 132, his second test 10 fer and 41 wickets for 25.90 this season, looks like he has got over the Styris indecent!



  1. What a nice looking bloke he is. Even at full-stretch.

    He bowled consistently very, very fast in this match.

  2. It was a real shame he was not at his best when he was here in England. Then again we got the Ashes back. But if he keeps this form going…..

  3. …he’s made to look more handsome because of the two in the background.

    I remember doing this experiment in art….where a certain colour on different backgrounds looks different in shade even though it is not. Same thing with attractiveness, just ask my best mates the elephant man and sloth from the goonies, they’ll tell you.

  4. Yes it is quite easy for Mitch to look handsome when standing next to the rest of the Aussie team. Except when Ben Hilfenhaus is playing.

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