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Yes, it’s nice to see Paul Collingwood doing well in the crazy world of the IPL, and it’s really nice to see him doing it on TV too.  Sixes are ten a penny in this form of the game – but there is something particularly nice when the bloke who is hitting them is Colly.  So top scoring for the Delhi Daredevils; 75 not out – nice, or as they said on the IPL strap line – pure magic.



  1. Think they should make someone else captain so he can focus on his batting for the world cup?

  2. Have you seen those boundaries in the IPL!? That’s why Cauliflower the nudger’s getting sixes sixsixeight.

  3. Purna, I think if his IPL continues the way it has started, and Delhi do well then that should keep him going, I would hope being captain would keep him in the zone.

    When he is not playing well and the press are on his back as they always have been until very recently [Durham players have never been ‘popular’] then being captain has been a drain, he can’t concentrate on both. I reckon that he likes being captain secretly, he is as competitive as any.

    Also – there is no one else who could do as well, he understands bowling and fielding – essential stuff! I hope he proves me right! I hope he does not pick up an injury!

    Ok Stani everyone hits sixes in IPL, but he looked more like Warner than Colly when he did it and that’s what counts.

  4. ….you’re right. Anything which makes Cauliflower not look like himself has to be a good thing.

  5. There you go – an all rounder in more ways than one!

  6. …I still hate Cauliflower and Ryan Bottomside for that run out incident with Grant Elliott a few years ago though. Rememebr 668?

  7. I have a memory like a hummingbird – things like stats and tables and scorecards and what happened when kind of don’t trouble them, I am similarly afflicted especially where cricket is concerned.

    You may just have to remind me of that one or I will go and google it…..

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