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The time I decide not to watch an IPL match because I’m not that interested now in Deccan or Rajasthan, I find out that Andre Nel has been in the ITV 4 studio, damn!

But lots of people are tuning in, ITV 4 has a bit of a viewership coup on it’s hands.  It is now topping half a million on a Sunday afternoon.

Remind me again – just why is our domestic competition not available even as a highlights package on free to air?



  1. If so many are tuning in I wonder why ITV decided to put the Touring Cars on yesterday afternoon… Which got more viewers?! Also, the domestic weekly roundup show is a must – should be part of the Sky / free-to-air debate

  2. …I would remind you 668 but I’m not allowed to swear. What I was about to say included the words ‘Sky’ and ‘Sports’ and a lot of naughty words. Sometimes you cannot replace naughty words. Sometimes only naughty words do justice.

  3. If ITV 4 had invested in any actual ‘at the event’ cameras and crew, pulling it would not have been an option.

    I’m not sure of the background to the Touring Cars program or indeed the profile of that sport, but presume that the schedules are done some time in advance. This link seems to indicate a liaison with ITV going back to 2008 at least. Wikipedia says ITV coverage since 2002 – so a long-standing arrangement.

    Cricket wise [and leaving live test cricket out of the equation], there is so much that could be on free to air, without much loss to Sky. The IPL has given a glimpse of potential for the shorter forms and well presented highlights shows. I agree a domestic weekly roundup would be a minimum start, but a start!

  4. Oh don’t worry Stani, I find the best way not to swear is to not subscribe to the said monopoly. I feel your pain.

    But they have that position re British cricket, care of the ECB who are challenged in so many ways, creative thinking is but one; thinking generally does not come easily to them come to think of it.

    Swearing is permitted on this blog as you may find out as the domestic season rolls out and so do the plans for the restructuring of the Championship.

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