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Chris Gayle leads the West Indies off after their stunning victory Sabina Park, Kingston, Jamaica 1st Test West Indies v England February2009

The IPL, it’s been going on for ever, it’s still got about ten days of group stage still to go.  So over half way and my selected team Kolkata is still hanging on in there,  admittedly tenuously.

But they did put in some rather dapper fielding today at Eden Gardens, against the rather fierce Delhi Daredevils and the lovely Colly and Warner were both sent packing with few runs.  Interesting times.

Even the ITV 4 studio seems to have matured.  Gosh, who’d have thought!



  1. What? There’s still 10 days of group stage left? Blimey. Don’t understand why KKR don’t go with Bond-McCullum-Gayle-Mendis as their overseas contingent, four genuine impact players there. I like Mathews and Hussey, but they’re not of the quality of those four.

  2. Yes despite there only being 8 teams the IPL goes on for ever – I assume that this will be the only thing that the ECB will take away from all this – make T20 last for ever!

    My impression is that Mathews bowling has been quite good, till this last match, with useful batting, Bond being so fast, is a bit easily hit for 6 in the matches that I have seen. But I don’t give this tournament the level of scrutiny that I should, I’ve no comment on McCullum yet, the ‘names’ don’t always deliver. And yes, Hussey has been ho hum.

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