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I’ve not really rated Steven Finn, having seen him toil away for many an hour with the Middle.   For his time on the field he just did not get many 5 wicket hauls.  It seems that this season he is out to prove me wrong!

It is day 2 of the Worcester v Middlesex match and he has taken 9 for 37 and 14 for 106 for the match.  A bowler that England has not managed to knacker and now the stuff of legend!!



  1. 668,
    Are his legs really that long or have you been on photoshop?

  2. When I use photoshop it is to crop and sharpen pictures only.

    Finns leg’s really are that long!

  3. Eighty,
    …but that’s such a waste of Photoshop. You could make yourself the perfect cricketer 🙂

    Mine would look just like Katie Melua….and be female of course.

  4. Oh there are perfect cricketers out there. Well if they got injured less they would be!

  5. Ok, come on, out with the names

  6. You may have to wait till I come back from oop North…..see you in 2 cc matches time. 🙂

  7. Alright Biggirl.

    When you get back dan South, you can tell me everything….about your pics, and stuff.

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