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Don’t forget, many things slip off the hook when elections happen and the ECB are one of those to have been handed a lifeline in the shape of the general election.  This means the thorny subject of the Ashes and its status as a ‘must be broadcast free to air event’ [the so called ‘crown jewels’ list of British sport] due to be decided this June, now of course will not be.

So there, the ECB will have lots of lovely time to think about how it can get cricket on the free to air box, whilst not pissing it’s purse string holder, Sky, off! How about some domestic Twenty20 finals at the very least?  Worth a barter surely?  And Sky could try to benevolent as part of it’s ongoing Ofcom squabbling?



  1. What a joke hey 668? Couldn’t the Lords or someone else decide?

    By the way, is that pic the evolution of man in reverse? 🙂

  2. Well spotted 🙂

  3. ….and how appropriate it ends (starts) with Flintoff?!

  4. It starts with Onions! And ends with Strassy babes – although I rather suspect Colly and Swanny need swapping.

    As you can see a trip to Yorkshire has lead to a reappraisal. Strauss is not the pinnacle of cricketing evolution. I’d still take Flintoff anyday.

  5. Objection!
    Flintoff is lower to the ground, so one could argue it starts with him. What does one think?

    Where would you take Flintoff by the way?

  6. I’ve got no money – Flintoff would have to take me somewhere!

    I’d let him take me to the Caribbean and let him rein-act the pedallo incident.

  7. …can you swim?

  8. Oh yes – I can swim – it is even easier in the sea. I have a respect for alcohol too. He would be doing the rein-enactment sober, we would then retire for cocktails!

    I have thought this one through 🙂

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