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Came across this a while back…the ‘ECB fuckup’ early warning system, you know it makes sense!

For a jolly good blog on all things Yorkshire CCC, you can’t do much better than take a look at Yorkshire Lens excellent Last of the Summer Whine, where this and similar good things live.  In the meantime the current clash between Yorks and us unfolds .

While I have been away it seems people are being mean to Giles  Clark.  Accused of vandalism of the County Championship now.  And Gilesywilesy was reported as visibly shaken.  Diddums!  I’d also like to see him banned from corporate boxes and sat outside all day at a venue such as the glorious Riverside early next season!



  1. For some reason, like the fact that it’s true, Giles always seems a little drunk to me. You could just imagine a glass of shandy in his hand everywhere he goes.

  2. I rather suspect that Gilesywilesy drinks a much dearer beverage than shandy, probably on expenses in most cases, in those corporate jollies. He looks like a bit of a lush.

  3. I must confess, being Muslim means I don’t know much about drink…apart from the fact it kills loads, drains the NHS, breaks up marriages, cause anti-social behaviour, gets cricketers stopped when driving etc…..but what you think he prefers 668?


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