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And what will really make me smile is if Iain gets plenty of 5 and 10 wicket hauls this season.  He is playing for Middlesex, and I wish him well.  If you can’t follow his cricketing splendour on the field, you can follow his progress instead on Twitter @iainobrien and also on his excellent blog.

When I got this tweet I knew I would need to post it up at some stage. And Indeed Iain is now getting the wickets in, with 7 wickets in the first innings of the Middlesex v Gloucestershire match at Lords.  So yes I’m smiling now.

I’ll also put in a mention for Danny Evens, who progressed from the Durham Academy to Middlesex, and who is fit again and taking some wickets too.



  1. Oolala!

  2. Favour Sixy:

    You owe me, for just being me. Thanks soldier 😉

  3. Done – I would just like to point out that I currently have a fantasy team in the telegraph county championship competition that stands at number 12 in the standings.

    I fear that the dogwalkers XI will not stay at these dizzy heights for long – so your being told now while the going couldn’t be much better [bloody Rudolph] should have made him captain and he would have scored a triple century in half the time!

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