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It is never too cold at the Riverside to indulge in a blue ice lolly, what better way to watch Thorpy running in?

So not the most timely post ever.  Updating a blog and watching cricket are mutually exclusive, well they are for me anyway.   So I have been doing the watching the cricket.  The outcome of that will filter out slowly as and when.  There has been quite a lot of outcome from our first matches….

And the season is well under way when the ice cream van turns up – this is the rather plain one, [there is more than one].  Now this is a decent selection of ice lollies…



  1. 668! I love those blue ones too!

    …you could have bought me one

  2. When I look at Magnums I usually think I could buy a tub of ice cream from supermarket for same price.

  3. I don’t like chock ices – just don’t see the point. The worst free thing I ever got was a white chocolate Magnum.

    Yeah, you don’t get much for your money. So a nice ice cream from the supermarket and some quality chocolate is by far better.

    When I get a proper job, we will celebrate with blue ice lollies then Stani – but not before!

  4. Congrats to the new captain! After him, they might give Harmy a go at it.

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