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Well my wheels came off when I couldn’t find my camera battery recharger for most of the start of the season…but Thorpy kind of sums up our season so far.  Battered and looking a bit sorry for himself.

Callum is exhibiting a mere flesh wound, picked up in a clash of heads with Plunkett during warmup footie, good enough for a trip to hospital to have stitches, but in the scheme of things, a scratch.

People wonder why we are playing so differently to the team that was so dominant last year.  It’s simple really – we are not that team.  We have got through the last couple of seasons with a stable squad of relatively few players.  You cannot take players out of a line up and expect business as usual.  Injuries to most of our key players have forced substantial changes to the first team, and a loss of form has plagued one or two who have remained fit.

We have had a summer gap in the Championship schedule.  Any other year and I would be bemoaning this bitterly.  This year we badly need the time out in the hopes that some of our key players can rehabilitate to full playing fitness.

We have a Championship match starting tomorrow.   We will see which of or 14 injured players make it back to the pitch.  We’ll see what the walking, non wounded make of the Bears.  As for the battery recharger, well at least I have found that!



  1. 668,
    Is his neck really that long or have you been photoshop-ing?

  2. Thorpy has a natural Giraffe neck!

  3. Why? Is he vegelesbian….and has gotta reach up in the trees to get some of the green stuff?

    Giraffes are amazing by the way 668. I was watching those series of programmes that they had on channel4 a while back when they were dissecting those animals. The Giraffe one was fascinating. The strength that their heart needs to pump blood all the way up that long neck to the brain is amazing. And the ligament that holds their neck up tort is crazy-strong.

  4. And the Giraffe in common with Thorpy and all other mammals has just seven vertebrae in that long neck!

    I like the way Giraffes run – that rocking horse motion that they have. I like watching Thorpy run in too – he does not look anything like a Giraffe running by the way.

    Then again Giraffes are not very good at taking economical wickets…there is a down side to everything.

  5. Yes, them running is a sight. You’d think the neck would start moving side to side and oscillating everywhere until it snaps off but noooo.

  6. Giraffes have got it sorted. Tall beings that get it right every time.

  7. God Sixy? I know your neighbour will be upset at the suggestion but….

  8. Good luck to Durham. I would like to see them play against Victoria. Would be a good contest.

  9. That’s not fair Ben! The whole of the Durham team against a girl?! That would never be a good contest.


  10. I would love to see Durham with a full selection of top players play against the top Aussie domestic team.

    It is such a shame that something is not already set up so that the top teams of the best first class competitions can play each other. It would be nice to judge what level of quality each or the tournaments is producing.

    Never underestimate Victoria Stani….she has quite a temper.

  11. Victoria v Steve Harmison then. They could jump in a pool of jello and slap and pull hair.

  12. Ah but remember Steve has quite short hair – Victoria might have to come up with an alternative strategy.

  13. How is the season going

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