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Today was Ryan’s day he ended up with 6 for 47, and 9 wickets in total.

Mitch also took a total of 9 wickets in the match.

Hilf kept it tight.

So did Siddle.  And that is what you want from an attack.  I rather like this attack.

England did ok, we didn’t bowl too badly.  But on todays evidence – the Australian attack is better than ours.  Yes the pitch suited the seamers, and they were used well.  But our batters were on good form coming in from a triumphal win.  The Aus seamers all bowled peerlessly and with control, and that is what you need to win a match.  And win they did, by 267 runs, in competitive conditions.

Another venue, another pitch type, and we have Swann, but their seam attack works better than ours.  Well it certainly does when it played like it played during this match.

There are times when it does not matter who wins, as long as it has been a competitive exciting hard fought match.  A match were the balance between bat and ball is equal.  This does not happen as much as it should in Test cricket.

The Third Test at Perth, for a change the bowlers were on top, and I think that is as it should be.



  1. Love that shot of Harris. He’s such a strange bustling bear of a bowler. Looks like he should be bowling at about 125kph but regularly is in the mid 140’s.

    And how Johnson gets any speed at all from his shuffle up and sling is one of the mysteries of cricket.

    I still think the English attack is better though, more rounded and Tremlett is a fantastic addition.

  2. Fast bowling is in a coma thanks to five day pitches. Its at the stage where most of the fast bowlers are only in T20. The Perth match was a bit short, it would have worked out well if England batsmen had tried to stay around longer. Seems like they have believed their own hype and thought they were well on top.

  3. Harris is an odd one – he is not 6ft, but is amazingly effective. This was the only time I have seen him bowl in real life and was very impressed then. I’m really glad he has come through his injury.

    I think a lot of speed is gained or lost at the action at the crease [bowlers with long powerful runups can balls it up there] and slingers can be very fast. Jeff Thompson supposedly one of the fastest bowlers of all time slung it.

    I really like Tremlett – he should have been in our starting line up. I’m going off to find a picture of him.

  4. I think our batsmen have started to believe the hype – we have not seen bowling like this since South Africa. I think we are lacking against sustained top quality bowling.

    And we will see – bring it on! This series is fantastic. And that is what you want from an Ashes series 🙂

  5. I get the same impression about Johnson. How does he generate so much speed from a short run up like Wasim Akram. I dont know how he doesnt tear something from the way he flings his shoulder. From seeing Shaun Tait, you just knew he was going to injure himself. Harris also looks like he should have a lot of knee injuries from being so heavy. He is like Flintoff, who was far too heavy to be bowling so fast. Funniest thing was when Allan Donald said Flintoff does not look like a fast bowler.

    Was just listening to Boycott on the TMS review. He was attacking the Eng batsmen for their inability to play any kind of bounce. He also took a swipe at Stuart Broad for soft pedalling the failures. Stuart did not get right of reply.

  6. Tait is not only slingy but has a really awkward ungainly action. He is all over the place and stoops low. It is not much of a surprise that he gets injured.

    I think Mitch’s action is ok and he has a good follow through.

    Harris is rather chunky, and yes while I would say a little too chunky to go for long without extra injury – he is not as heavy looking as Flintoff was at his heaviest. Harris is also about 6 inches shorter than Andrew.

    Broad is young and still in the team and still a player, you would not expect him to be controversial, I thought he did ok on TMS, better than I was hoping for. There are times when Geoffrey needs a muzzle n gag!

  7. So Harris is now out for the rest of the season. They said changing his action to compensate for the knee probably caused the new injury. Looks like he is too heavy to be bowling that fast, but then Twatto changed his action, reduced his speed to low 130s and he is barely a threat now.

    I was at the MCG watching Siddle, he has a smooth action and does not lose much speed in his delivery so he lessens his chance of injury. It was probably the case that Eng had the best of the conditions at the MCG after winning the toss. They got a lot of assistance on the first day, then in the second inns the pitch dried out and had some reverse. I went to the least eventful day, but I went mainly to see Kevin bat and Johnson bowl.

    Talking about long runups, one of the most stupid ones must be Akhtar, starts near the boundary and sprints in at full speed, no wonder he tears something after bowling 20 overs.

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