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I was one of those who would have liked to have seen Tremlett in our starting line up.  Despite being in division 2, he had a fantastic season with Surrey, and has always bowled well for England.   So along with his call-up I’m thrilled that he got a 5fer in the Perth match.  And 8 for the match, none of those wickets were tail enders.  A fine start.


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  1. The England bowling lineup could be in upheaval now with the reserves bowling unexpectedly well. I wonder what Broad’s role is. He seems to be there to bowl tight and short according to whatever plan they have. If he does that he wont take enough wickets to be a permanent fixture and it will be his batting that keeps him in the team. Too bad he did not play the whole tour so that we could see how he adapted to the Aus pitches. Instead there has been a jumble of reserves taking the wickets. Cant see Bresnan being a regular if Broad is there. Tremlett is the one who is really pushing for Finn’s spot as long as he is healthy.

    I still cant agree with all the experts who are suddenly using this series as evidence that the Aus FC system has lost it and the Eng system is suddenly superior. We are not talking about the West Indies here. The Aus system did not turn to crap overnight. Its still producing international standard talent, although it could just be that at the moment no great players are coming through, but thats part of the natural cycle. The problems have been caused not by the retirement of players of the Warne era, but by the players who were supposed to take over from them, the McGill era. Those players should still be playing while a few juniors are brought in, but they also retired quickly. That is why it appears that there is a talent shortage.

    There also has to be something wrong with the coaching at the national team level, which the media has not commented on. Too much of a revolving door with the bowlers. A change of leadership, including the selectors, has to be made now and the change will cause things to improve.

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