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Category Archives: Big Steve

Ok we are talking Changes in first class cricket here.  Coming back from the Abu Dhabi match Will, Durham’s Captain has been thinking and deciding what might be good change and what might not.  As we know not all change makes things better.

Re the County Championship, at present he is not in favour of a three conference structure, he does not beleiver it “would work that well.’’   He does however seem impressed with the pink ball.

The ECB have also been thinking about change.  They tend to think of it in a more abstract way than most mortals.  And when Mr Collier is on the record as saying ” the cost of a new-look County Championship will be the loss of some of the integrity of the two-division structure.” you realise that betterment of the sport is not at the heart of any thought processes going on at ECB towers right now.


Stephen Harmison Edgebaston 2009

As hoped, Big Steve has decided to stay with the Club signing a four year contract extension.  Despite the large sums involved it comes as a relief, having seen the way that Mattew Hoggards’ Yorkshire career has sadly ended in high profile hostilities.

It underlines Durhams’ different approach to a talented and hugely valuable senior player.  While continuing to add considerable force to the bowling attack at county level,  he will be around to encourage the younger squad members. An inspirational local hero for aspiring young regional cricketers, he will also prove more than an asset in sponsorship negotiations and corporate dealings.  Good for Harmison and good for the North East.

Durhams’ prospects for retaining the Championship title in the coming seasons are also looking good right now.