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In the midst of the current Ashes fever, for a series that is suddenly awake;  let us not forget the injustice that the women’s game is forced to endure.  A one Test series!!!!!  It is about time all areas of the sport were taken seriously.  You tell em Charlotte!


This time the momentum of such a sharply tuned team proved unstoppable, and England, captained by Collinwood beat a fine Australian side with overs to spare.

England won the T20 world title, and have looked every part a world beating team throughout the tournament.  Now that really is quite something.  We even managed to have a paternity leave and still romp home.  Well done the Lads.  And Captain Fantastic?  …Just a bit!

Yes!!!!!!!!! Somehow it was always known that Colly would be the man to captain a no nonsense England side that would actually make it to a World final.  It was just written that he would; and you just knew all that grittyness would get there one day….he just needed a team of like-minded henchmen.  It has taken time and not a few false starts, and even a spot of IPL madness for some of the team members, but they have made it.

A novelty certainly, and really rather nice.  Bring on Sunday and the final!

And yes, I have always thought of Mike Yardy as a bit of a limited overs bowling ninja… I know this is not a widely held belief ….

And that is against the Australian tail too!  The ICC T20 is game officially game on!  18 year old  Mohammad Aamer takes 3 wickets, with 2 run outs.  This is how the BBC live match text update pictured it.  While IPL cricket was available free to air, the international version is not even available as a round up/ highlights show in the UK, despite England and Ireland being involved in this international tournament.

So what is the Pakistan innings going to bring?  You never know what you are going to get with Pakistan.  There is nothing worse than the predictable in sport, it’s dull.  Pakistan the kings of OMGness!