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Durham County Cricket Club crest

OK: Durham are my team

Durham who?    Quite!………………Durham – from another planet perhaps?  Welcome to Planet Durham!

The reigning Champion County of 2008 and 2009. Runner up in 2007. We are talking LVCC four day cricket here. 2009 saw the Durham team retain the championship trophy unbeaten. They play top cricket and have a bowling attack to die for.

Since 2006 nine of the Durham squad have represented England at some level.  Five have played for England at International level.  With an additional player playing for the England Lions [England A] and a further 3 with the England Under-19s.  The majority of these have come locally from the North East.  Four of these NE players were in the South Africa Test touring squad of winter 2009/2010.

The shorter stuff…. that is still work in progress.

But if you haven’t heard of Durham CCC that may not be such a surprise – successful and yet strangely elusive.    We don’t like to big up our traditional ‘Summer’ game, especially at county level in England any more. And they have yet to become the darlings of the Media.

For more information about them than I could ever possibly manage to give you – you can collect it straight form the Clubs official website here.  They also provide a feed via twitter @DurhamCricket. [There is another twitter page here.]

Durham squad cricketers on Twitter:  Graham Onions @bunnyonions tweets quite regularly, Will Smith @willysmudge , Kyle Coetzer @MeerGoose11 , Mark Stoneman @r0cky26, Ben Stokes @benstokes38  , Scott Borthwick @Borthwick16 , Phil Mustard @colonel19, Mitch Claydon @mitchellclaydon,  Liam Plunkett @Liam628, Gordon Muchall @gmuchall Chris Rushworth @rushworth22, Michael Richardson @richo18howu and academy boy Mark Wood @Wood1990M all have accounts too.

Old Boy Neil Killeen @nkilleen77  Durham CCC Physio Nigel Kent @silverfox1967 , and Martin Emmerson @Martycricket are other Durham interest accounts.

The current squad is listed here, but needs an update.  And for more detailed information about players careers you could use this.  Most wikipedia, cricinfo and the ECB profile information is often out of date [and occasionally inaccurate] although the generated stats are usually fine.

Durham supporter message boards:  The main independent one is now at Cricket Match Special. There is also  ‘Down by the Riverside‘  and BBC 606[which ends in May 2011].  Durham CCC host a message board forum and a live chat during matches.

Tim Wellock [Northern Echo and The Cricketer] and Martin Emmerson [BBC radio, but often not given any budget to broadcast 4 day matches] are the team’s main and best media commentators.   For local press coverage:  The Northern Echo and The Journal provide the most up to date and interesting articles.

Facebook: There are a couple of  groups Durham County Cricket Club which is a big group, and Durham CCC .  There are a selection of appreciation type groups, Collingwood’s being the largest,  Mustard for England, one for Onions and one for Davies being larger than the rest.



  1. Hi 668

    Happy new year

    am I right in thinking you work at Lords or did I make that up in my own wibbly, wobbly world of altered reality?



  2. And a Happy New Year to you too!

    You remembered well! I have worked there – but not at the moment. I think your altered reality world makes a lot of sense, does not seem too wibbly wobbly most of the time! Top marks for finding this without me advertising it – it is quite illusive if you search for it.

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