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Durham at Cantabury 2007

Planet Durham?

Durham are my team.  I don’t follow football enough to be called a fan.  But I like cricket.  I like taking pictures.  So a picture notebook.

There are plenty of cricket blogs dealing with the game at international level.  This one – much like Stephen Harmison – does not intend to travel too much.  [If it does it will no doubt be found collapsed reverentially at the foot of some pace bowler somewhere].  So a portrait of a County side at the top of its game, and perhaps as it tries for yet another championship winning season.

I’ve only been following  Durham since they started the 2005 season as 2004’s wooden spoon county [they finished bottom of Division 2 for the 5th time]. [And in 2005 the ‘watching’ was exclusively on Ceefax I’ll have you know!!].  I saw them properly for the first time at Lords in 2006.

I started taking photographs of my team because not may others do.  Mainly other supporters and to a similar standard to mine.  Until recently widely available press quality photographs of the team in match situations were a rarity, Durham have never been a darling of the press and with few column inches,  professional photographers have had little reason to follow them.  That is changing as it becomes inevitable to even those previously in denial that Durham are a playing force to be reckoned with.

So over the winter I will post some of pictures of players, the not really action shots, records of matches that went largely uncovered pictorially elsewhere.  And then in the 2010 season we will see how  picture editors minds have changed about proper images of Durham.  I’m hoping I won’t need to lug my camera around so much?

Welcome to my summer.  [Winter 2009]


Play nice.  Do contact me if you are interested in any of the pictures.

sixsixeightneighbourofthebeast [at]

The © thang.    I hold the copywrite of these images;  please respect this.  So all material on this site not covered by other copyright and not explicitly marked as public domain is copyright ©SixSixEight


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