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Onions fielding for Durham at Lords 2006

When I started taking photographs of cricket I didn’t know much about it.  Still don’t.

Here is my first photo with suitable Durham player posing as foreground interest in a picture of the Pavilion at Lords.  [And yes – the Mustard and Onions combination was a big factor in the choosing of Durham as my team, them and the couple of Pratts, the Hussey…..  You will note the dead serious approach taken here.]  So was Stephen Harmison but that’s a whole other story.

Onions can now occasionally be snapped in the same pose as an England player [but he will only have his name on have his shirt if he is playing limited overs cricket].

You might not know anything about cricket.  If so this Vincent Price introduction to the game is for you, as you too could be a US American.  Of course if you are English you will know our national game inside out won’t you!!!

But if you still need more information try this.

Or there is the tea towel explanation.

And here is a poll for no other reason than I wanted to see what the poll thing was like……


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  1. Some excellent pictures on here. Being a Durham Fan, you are completely correctin that despite winning the County Championship 2 years in a row, the press don’t seem to take a lot of interest in them. So anything that helps promote them is fine by me! Keep up the good work.

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