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Southgate and Petes' ice cream van.

I like ice cream.  I like ice lollies.  The kind of ice lollies that turn your mouth blue with  E numbers [ Not the adult orientated rubbish sold everywhere].  I like ice cream vans – the good ones sell the sort of iced confectioneries that I’m after.  There is often one stationed at the better cricket grounds round the country.  I like that.

I like strong alcohol.  Tequila, Rum, Scotch, Irish, Rice whiskey, Bourbon, Pisco, Cachaça, Calvados, Armagnac, Cynar, Jagermeister, Benedictine, Chartreuse; you get the picture – proper stuff.  It takes 44 facial muscles to frown, but only 3 to sip a cocktail, you know it makes sense.

I like bowling.  I really like bowling, especially the fast stuff, but I like it accurate too.  And I like openers – they have to face the fast and the short.  And I like spinners – especially those of with a highly artistic action and flattering economy rate.

And I like County Cricket.  The red ball, whites clad player, four day stuff.  Yes the type that  is such a hit with the pensioners.  And I attempt to take pictures of it.

They might be coming to take me away any day now.

Or perhaps I’ll try a spot of placard waving down at the ECB offices – I want to eat ice cream whilst watching cricket in temperatures when ice cream should be eaten – that would be summer!  On a weekend once in a while would be nice too.  Now that really is MAD!

I have a history of placard waving…….but that’s another story.

I have a history of not playing any cricket what so ever.

I have a history of wearing printed dresses.

But then again I have a history of being a woman.  And that might tell you all you need to know……….

© SixSixEight



  1. You know I already love your photos and I absolutely love this site. Really like the theme you’ve chosen too and I’m wondering whether I can incorporate slideshows into my blog as they showcase the pics so well.

    I think it’s an utter waste that you aren’t already working as a photographer and hope that this site launches your career – serious talent like yours should be seen and appreciated by a far wider audience than just your friends.

    So good luck and here’s to your future success!

  2. I didn’t even know you had a blog. You should take a leaf out of Canterbury’s book and plug it more. Great photos. Great philosophy on ice cream vans.

  3. Thank you. Today is the first time I have really said anything about it – I was waiting for some wild bowling event, Dale provided it. Showed it to Canterbury a while ago n not done much since.

    Can’t wait till it is warm enough to see ice cream vans out and about!

  4. Its a nice site 668. I like the colour scheme, it sets off the pictures well. Will you posting any arse shots like Sarah?

  5. You will just have to wait and see Ben…

  6. Someone – me – is very much fallen behind. Yet another blog to forget to check!

  7. Although you do now post links to your blog, I am guilty of not having clicked through often, thinking you were doing more writing, and I have so little time to read!
    But I also love your photos, and sympathise with the whole camera/county match scheduling challenges. I have been trying to take pics at Surrey and often just get fuzzy dots in the middle of the screen 🙂
    Great theme too!

  8. Thanks Lynn.

    It was going to be photos only but as I didn’t think I had anything at all to say. Have got lots of photos from the season and also a lot to say but right now that ‘time thing’ and a lack of it means I have not posted much – hope to get some more pictures up from mid October…

  9. Why have I not seen this before?! Thankyou for the directions x

  10. PS you should try our local ice cream, Thymer, deliscious with plenty of alcohol ones, G&T sorbet, but my favourite is honey and ginger.

  11. Not done much with it over the 2010 season Chrissy so stopped promoting it – I must update it cos at the moment it looks like I am a real lightweight on the Durham supporting front – which isn’t the case – I’m just a lightweight as bloggers go! [Well rather rubbish actually…]

    The local ice cream sounds fantastic – alcohol and ice cream – a marriage made in heaven!!!! Love honey and ginger, and love sorbets, G&T sounds refreshing.

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