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Tag Archives: future of county cricket

Came across this a while back…the ‘ECB fuckup’ early warning system, you know it makes sense!

For a jolly good blog on all things Yorkshire CCC, you can’t do much better than take a look at Yorkshire Lens excellent Last of the Summer Whine, where this and similar good things live.  In the meantime the current clash between Yorks and us unfolds .

While I have been away it seems people are being mean to Giles  Clark.  Accused of vandalism of the County Championship now.  And Gilesywilesy was reported as visibly shaken.  Diddums!  I’d also like to see him banned from corporate boxes and sat outside all day at a venue such as the glorious Riverside early next season!


Geoff Cook looks forward to the forthcoming Abu Dhabi trip.  Here he is at last years MCC v the Champion County fixture held at the home of cricket, Lords.  The blurry form with him is the teams physio, Nigel, a busy man right now.

This is the month where we expect Modi to be masterfully monopolizing the cricket the media with his IPL missives.  He certainly likes the money, glitz n business end of cricket; how to charm, how to smarm and how to rub people up the wrong way.

And whatever you do or don’t think about the IPL, it has many ramifications for English domestic cricket, this year more so than the last.  Exactly what those may be, could become clearer as the month progresses.  And then again they may not…

It might all be some mad Bollywood illusion after all…