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The time I decide not to watch an IPL match because I’m not that interested now in Deccan or Rajasthan, I find out that Andre Nel has been in the ITV 4 studio, damn!

But lots of people are tuning in, ITV 4 has a bit of a viewership coup on it’s hands.  It is now topping half a million on a Sunday afternoon.

Remind me again – just why is our domestic competition not available even as a highlights package on free to air?


The lure of fee to air TV!  As many people in Britain are watching the IPL as watched the Bangladesh v England tests.

Live cricket coverage is to return to the UK for the first time since 2005.  It’s only ITV and it’s only the IPL, but it is a start.  English cricket has plenty of potential niche audiences out there and presumably ITV can see a good inroad to the British Asian community with the IPL, while the BBC keeps with the more slender multicultural appeal of such gems as Formula 1 and snooker.  It is a shame the Ashes red herring has been allowed to keep cricket off free to air for so long.

A Quick Catchup; India, Cricket Globalisation, and the IPL.  An Indian media perspective as waffled by ESPN Journalist and Business analyst Harsha Bhogle

When I went to the Windies v England Twenty20 at the Queens Park Oval in 2009 it was a sell out – it sold out far in advance.

Not all touring sides are equal and a very poor turnout watched the  West Indies international  Twenty20 v Zimbabwe.  The Windies lost, Otis has got his work cut out.

And Twenty20 is no guaranteed cash cow.