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And what will really make me smile is if Iain gets plenty of 5 and 10 wicket hauls this season.  He is playing for Middlesex, and I wish him well.  If you can’t follow his cricketing splendour on the field, you can follow his progress instead on Twitter @iainobrien and also on his excellent blog.

When I got this tweet I knew I would need to post it up at some stage. And Indeed Iain is now getting the wickets in, with 7 wickets in the first innings of the Middlesex v Gloucestershire match at Lords.  So yes I’m smiling now.

I’ll also put in a mention for Danny Evens, who progressed from the Durham Academy to Middlesex, and who is fit again and taking some wickets too.


I’ve not really rated Steven Finn, having seen him toil away for many an hour with the Middle.   For his time on the field he just did not get many 5 wicket hauls.  It seems that this season he is out to prove me wrong!

It is day 2 of the Worcester v Middlesex match and he has taken 9 for 37 and 14 for 106 for the match.  A bowler that England has not managed to knacker and now the stuff of legend!!

Steve Finn has taken the first 5 wicket hall of the season, for Middlesex at New Road.  Hurrah!

The Season; it used to start just before May!

The blog the Corridor has also noted this

” Last year it started on April 15; in 2008, it was the 16th. 2007? The 18th. The first Championship matches of the new millenium began on April 26″.

What is the point for this seasonal creep stupidity.  They actively want people to turn up and freeze, that is if the weather or bad light does not intervene.  They want cold players risk more injury?

I know Airlines are starting to sponsor Counties, but the carbon footprint does need to be addressed.

Start scheduling championship matches back into the summer – there is that talk about playing the first few out of the country now because someone has just noticed that early April is not a time when you should be playing cricket…..Abu Dhabi and Barbados, are not British or local?

Actually the weather is set for fair, so hopefully it will be a nice weekend [and that is rare]!

For a spot of what team is who you could look at Dan’s cricket blog. He has quite an extensive resume of the teams for this season.

Middlesex bowler Tim Murtagh, stood out in the MCC side as being the most able to cope with the Durham onslaught.  Tim top scored with a mighty 55 not out.

In the MCC match the colours were reversed to those in this picture – Tim wearing white and the ball being pink!