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So sense prevailed.  No one saw any advantages in a reduced program of first class cricket, preferring the more obvious trimming back of limited overs matches, which have proliferated recently.

Championship division one stays as a 9 team concern and the Championship stays as the fantastic 16 match per season event that we know and love.

Would have been mad, having just produced an away Ashes winning England team, also presumably Counties would have risked a lower income from reduced memberships which include Championship matches but not T20.

The ECB have listened…. I’m nervous – this is a new thing, surely that can’t last can it?

But while they are at it….. Summer [and weekend] Championship cricket …..Please?????


Benks has done this one in style.  Here is a picture of Dale having scored 181, so he can bat!  Hit wickets are a very silly way to get out.   Unfortunately they are just not common enough.  Dale contrived to destroy his stumps by somehow managing to throw his bat at them.  I wish I’d seen it, it was reported as being hilarious.  He was doing well up until that point in the run chase in the Warriors v Dolphins, MTN40 final.  His team the Dolphins lost.

Of course this is also an excuse to put up a picture of Thorpy.  Here he makes a right pigs ear of negotiating a Mohammad Sami bouncer – just before he was out hit wicket.